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The Majestics of Gaia

Island Gaia’s survival experiment with Dodo spawned diverse superspecies.
Only 6 superpowers are up for grabs!

About us

What is Finding DODO?

Finding Dodo is a featured launch NFT collection of the WORLD'S FIRST and most distinctive marketplace with 100% utility. The primary objective is to channel Web3.0’s power of utility in the form of an NFT ecosystem. Using decentralized protocols that plug into popular blockchain projects, we ensure collectors not just earn PASSIVE, but also ACTIVE INCOME, on a continuous basis!

With the vision to empower and enable every transaction that happens today digitally and physically with unique & secured, utility led NFT ecosystem that also contributes in the restoration of the planet, it aims to revolutionize the entire token and crypto space for good.

To kickstart, the marketplace is creating its First Metaverse backed NFT collection as EMA (early membership access) : Finding Dodo! A real future fantasy that bridges on- and off-chain mechanics to deliver a highly rewarding user experience, built on top of the FD’s utility protocols.

The Metaverse (Gaia) will be driven by FD$ Token, a utility and reward currency that will be tied to the growth of Gaia & the known (& yet to be discovered) superspecies. We believe FD$ has the opportunity to become the most pervasive (and productive) token of the metaverse given its core as real life utility.

If this sounds amazing, that's because IT IS. There is no other ecosystem which brings both active and passive income from their marketplace. All hallmark collection holders share a % of the marketplace transactions. So as an NFT holder, you will earn money in your wallet directly. As you increase your badge status, you receive more!

In time, FD will expand the utility protocols to plug directly into third-party project economies. Engraining $FD into as many metaverse token economies as possible via our Phase 3 protocol and integrations to bridge the gap between DeFi and the metaverse!

About the Cause

Can you find the Dodo Bird? It went extinct long ago...The Dodo Bird symbolizes a need for us to address extinction of species on our planet. All jokes aside, the Dodo Bird once existed, but now it is gone forever.

Species are being driven to extinction every day on our planet at an increasing rate. Will mankind go the way of the Dodo? Like the White Rhino-Sudan or the Yangtze River Fish, some of these Species outlived the dinosaurs, but they couldn’t survive mankind!

There are many species that are critically endangered. Know these animals, as they may soon be gone forever: Bornean Orangutan, Sunda Tiger, Black Rhino, African forest Elephant, Lowland Gorilla, Amur Leopard and many more. Can we fix this before mankind goes extinct also?

Sure, we all entered the NFT space to make money. But who says you can't make a profit and also make the world a better place? Our team is already doing that, and recognized by the United Nations for doing so – With gamification. This is our newest and biggest project.

There is hope in the Gaiaverse…
The Dodo is returning, and YOU must help bring it back! Spawn new superspecies, as we populate our metaverse with superpowered species, our defi protocols will provide you with the tools you need to save the Gaiaverse while you help save the real-life world around you!

Our verse is played in a hypothetical future, where mankind and money have been wiped out, so a new currency and species must be created! Mad Scientists from Gaia labs have spliced Dodo’s DNA with other species, creating 6 superspecies you are about to witness...

Finding Dodo project runs in association with Dropledge.Org, accredited by the United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a member of the UN Environment Programme's Playing For The Planet Alliance. Dropledge.Org has created gamified solutions played by users across 40 countries to spread awareness and combat issues such as plastic pollution, hunger, ocean health etc.

Enter the Metaverse

Enter the cautionary but thrilling world OF
Gaiaverse- Planet Earth 2050…

In the year 2049, When the largest asteroid hit and obliterated everything in its path. BUT one small island… It spared Gaia which now shelters the last breaths of Earth – its last protectors

The last protectors had to repopulate Gaia with the stored DNA of endangered species. But it was not enough. And in the craziest survival experiment in human history, scientists fused it with Dodo DNA. The DNA of an extinct and incredible bird to birth 6 super-powered species

Bravura, Vigor, Magic, Wisdom, Power, and Magnificence.

The rarity of the superspecies is a treasure and the whole world wants to control their powers… with even a glimpse costing millions!!!

Only the prime protectors get to experience the power of these magical creatures as Gaia becomes the most flourishing and fortunate spot on Earth!

As these superspecies & the Gaiaverse grows, so do the power of the mighty prime protectors!

So, without further ado…

Our Collection

Latest Sales Listings

A few AI generated hybrid endangered superspecies are being created by the scientists of Gaia Labs to run wild in the Gaiaverse. These strange species are characterized by several rare superpowers: Bravura, Vigor, Magic, Wisdom, Power, and Magnificence.

Like the endangered species, there is a limited number of Superspecies in our collection. As a genesis holder, only a few stand to own the featured collection NFTs, claim exclusive growth share, unlock active, passive wealth, prime protector community access and… the metaverse of mystery & fortune…

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PHASE 1 & the benefits

Our adventure is not only exciting, but there are wonderful surprises to discover!

Featured NFT series launch with special shareholding earnings along with Finding Dodo marketplace launch



Airdropping your superspecies NFTs which come in a variety of rarities, drawn by some of the blockchain’s most expensive NFT artists. A sought after collectors’ items with full commercial rights.



World’s 1st & most distinctive marketplace with NFTs with 100% utility. Multi-chain protocol allowing payment from multiple EVM-compatible network tokens in progress. Higher opportunities to increase Active Earnings & exclusive offers for EMAs.



Transacting with your NFTs on the Finding Dodo platform ‘assures’ passive earnings via chain-linked transaction mechanism. Collect more as the floor price rises.



Holding superspecies NFT will serve as an access card to our launchpad, securing you whitelist spots for the hottest NFT projects in the space.



(I) Oculus VR headsets
(II) Original 'Dodo' painting by Steven Kenny worth 10 ETH
(III) ) ‘Real’ once-in-lifetime trip to meet the endangered species, if you receive the special ‘Last of the DODO’ NFTs via airdrop.



Invite only to join our Alpha Group to learn what the whales will do next.



% share will be sent to save endangered species in real.

PHASE 2 & the benefits

Just when you thought it can't get more wild, the FD$ token is issued!

Release of the FD$ token based on utility protocols & linked earnings



Liquidity by the mint treasury controlled by FD DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Each FD NFT emits FD$ token for 100-day period. P3 protocol integrations engraining $FD into as many metaverse token economies.



Within Ethereum, Binance Community & DAOs to innovate & strengthen wealth of the FD ecosystem, partnerships with large DeFi platforms, NFT projects & listed companies, assures a thriving in-demand economy.



Have an idea for a project? Send it in! Part of our business community is planet’s 5th VC. Projects must be for-profit and provide value to others.



Periodic events with prime protectors including prominent business leaders, celebrities, athletes, musicians. Opposed to watching an interview online, you get to interact, connect directly.



Access to coveted seminars from established professionals on how to grow your powers- knowledge & wealth. EMA’s have voting power to decide what educational content comes next!



The dynamic attribute system to allow genesis holders to breed own superspecies full-body NFTs. Mint the rarest of the species to bring it back to life. Dual NFTs have added benefits.



Items will be sold through a Holaplex auction or airdropped to lucky holders seasonally, keeping the FD ecosystem vibrant & trendy. Auctions will be announced via Discord And Twitter channels.



FD Merch will be created and shipped out to collectors- Superspecies figures, hats, hoodies, mugs, masks (all sustainable).

PHASE 3 & the benefits

Now the world really comes back to life!

Metaverse expansion, plugging third-party assets into the utility-based protocols to amplify rewards



Vision is to make the open metaverse a reality via building the underlying infrastructure every metaverse & enterprise needs with real-world utility. Third party metaverse economies to launch natively inside of FD with native DeFi & Crypto integrations enhancing its power.



A User, Project or Enterprise can own their Web3 land to build, trade, hangout, host gallery, games, lounges or stores. Cross-chain notoriety as huge monetization push inviting users to interact across multiple environments.



Stake your superspecies to earn our Native FD$ token. Attract liquidity through FD’s decentralized protocols



Release of peer-to-peer trading following extensive review and audits to allow for more robust economic activity.



Access to tools and insights for whale wallet tracking, NFT events as well as holders only Alpha channels with real time alerts. Teaming up to sweep the floors of select gem projects.



To make the FD experience as interactive as possible for our community, play-to-earn games on way with well-defined rewards.



In line with the vision, continue reinvesting to empower & enable every digital or physical transaction via unique, secured, earnings utility led NFT ecosystem which also contributes in the restoration of the planet.

Why Hold More

Your earnings will multiply

The more superspecies you hold and breed, the more badges you earn. These aren't just to flex.
Your earnings will multiply. Our NFTs earn income from the many resources issued by the mad scientists at Gaia Labs.

Breeder Badges come in 5 levels: Animal, Beast, Herd Leader, Tribal Elder and Hybrid-God

All genesis holders receive a % of Growth share of the marketplace that goes directly into your wallet!
PLUS, 5% earnings from the chain linked transaction of you NFTs,
PLUS the earnings grows as you go up the levels:


Finding Dodo is a phylogenetics science based Web3.0 project. It's developed by an experienced team across areas including asset management, blockchain/NFT economics, design, play-to-earn gaming, smart contract development, marketing as well as Sustainability, Innovation & Conservation biology.

Team has worked on leading DeFi protocols, led funds with AUMs in 8 figure range, and pioneered many of the concepts that are now prevalent across the NFT market as well as worked alongside number of Fortune 500 brands across the globe.

Now with the mission to channel Web3.0’s power of utility in the form of an NFT ecosystem that not only earns consistent financial earnings for its holders, but also rewards for the world we live in!


Chief Planet Protector at Gaiaverse (Backer)



Genome scientist at Gaiaverse (CTO)



Master of coin at Gaiaverse (Backer)



Voice of Gaia (Marketing & PR)

Beirut, Lebenon


Aura of Gaia (Design)

Lisbon, Portugal


Advisor (Creative)

Copenhagen, Denmark


Advisor (Partnerships)

London, UK


Advisor (Strategy & Marketing)



Advisor (Sustainability & Innovation)

Nairobi, Kenya

Rebalance Earth

Finding Dodo partners with Rebalance Earth to save endangered species leveraging web3.0.

Rebalance Earth is a global ecosystems services platform for valuing and funding a living nature to combat climate change, protect biodiversity and lift communities out of poverty.

Offer a way to “employ” the ecosystem services provided by keystone species, such as forest elephants, to produce carbon offsets, enrich the biodiversity and support the livelihood of local communities.

Use bank grade blockchain technology to safely transfer funding into projects that support UN Sustainable Development Goals; underpinned by verified data that confirms the continued protection of known individuals of keystone species.

The Ecosystem Services Token is grounded in science, delivered using innovative technologies, and verified by a third party - all within a comprehensive legal framework:

Ecosystem services marketplace

Near-Real time dashboard providing an overview on how value delivered and outstanding
Tokens see in near real time evidence of the elephants that have produced your tokens
Social projects see how the value of your Rebalance Earth tokens are used to finance park rangers salaries and investments in local communities

Team behind Rebalance Earth


Walid Al Saqqaf

Blockchain & Digital Entrepreneur


Ralph Chami

Assistant Director at the IMF


Ian Redmond

Wildlife Consultant & Conservationist

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